Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Review

There are several different versions of Toyota’s legendary Prius hybrid, but one of the most interesting ones has to be the plug-in version of the normal Prius. It costs a bit more, but for some it might be the perfect car for them.

Why would you get a plug-in hybrid? You can plug the car in at home to the power grid, and recharge the batteries without having to use the gasoline engine to charge them like in a normal hybrid. The plug-in hybrid is capable of driving exclusively on electricity for a certain number of miles, instead of mixing the electric driving with the gasoline driving.

This means it’s possible to drive back and forth to work completely on electricity, without having to use a drop of gasoline. But, if you want to drive across the country, you don’t need to have another car to do it. When the battery juice runs out when you’re driving along, the car switches back to behaving like a normal hybrid.

Because of the extra power required to go longer distances on pure electricity, the lithium ion batteries in the Prius plug-in are larger than they are in the regular Prius. That will cut a little bit into the storage space of the Prius.

However, you don’t lose any of the great cabin space, including a spacious rear seat for adults to travel comfortably over longer distances. While it’s not a luxury car by any means, the Prius plug-in is a comfortable long-distance cruiser that gets the same stellar fuel economy of the normal Prius.

If your normal driving is beyond the all-electric range of the Prius plug-in, you might not see the benefits of paying the extra money for the plug-in, but if you do live within that range, the upgrade cost could easily pay for itself in no time.

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