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Trump Attacks GM in Tweet, Spreading the Mexico Love Around

During the campaign, President-elect Donald Trump attacked the Ford Motor Company for building cars in Mexico and importing them to the United States for sale. Many automakers do it, but for some reason Trump took special interest in Ford.

That’s now changed. Earlier today Mr. Trump had this to say about General Motors and more specifically, Chevrolet;

Now unless I’ve moved to Mexico and didn’t realize it, many Chevrolet Cruze vehicles are built in the Lordstown plant here in Ohio. Granted, it’s northeast Ohio, beyond Cleveland, which is kinda like a wholly-different country. But it’s still the United States the last time I checked.

GM responded quickly to the allegations, saying this;

So most of the Cruzes sold in the United States are built in the United States. It appears that maybe some of the hatchback models come from Mexico, but it’s not a significant portion of the vehicles sold. It’d probably be silly to build an entirely new plant for the US-bound hatchbacks as they’ll only be a percentage of total sales here in this country.

But could you imagine going to a Chevrolet dealership and seeing some Cruze models being sold at one price while others are sold at a significantly higher price?

The GM attack is made even stranger because President-elect Trump has GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, on one of Trump’s policy advisor groups.

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