Trump Not Just Attacking US Car Makers; Goes After Ze Germans


Building cars in Mexico and selling them in the United States is a fairly common practice amongst automakers around the world. It’s not a problem that’s exclusive to manufacturers who have their world headquarters in the U.S. President-elect Trump has now indicated that it’s all car makers who sell cars in the United States, and has attacked “ze Germans” about the practice.

Speaking to a German newspaper, President-elect Donald Trump suggested that BMW should build their plant to sell BMW 3-Series cars bound for the United States in the United States. It would be “better for the economy.”

Trump also lamented that German cars aren’t popular in Germany, and that disproportionate amount of vehicles sold here is part of what’s wrong with the trade. He says he’s an advocate of free trade, but that it can’t be a one-way street.

BMW is quick to note that they employ some 70,000 people — directly and indirectly — in the United States.

Chad Kirchner
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