Two New “Pursuit Rated” Hybrids Coming from Ford

2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Ford presently makes two pursuit vehicles for law enforcement agencies around the country. One is the Police Interceptor Utility based on the Ford Explorer, and built in Chicago, and the other is the car-version based on the Ford Taurus. According to Ford’s CEO Mark Fields, they should be seeing some sort of electrification in the future.

While Mr. Fields didn’t confirm which models specifically would see a hybrid pursuit version, he did mention that one was to be built in Chicago. That means the Ford Explorer, which has seen a sales boon as of late as police departments prefer the extra space the utility offers.

A hybrid police car obviously makes a lot of sense. The extra boost in performance an electric motor brings is great, but a hybrid would drastically reduce fuel consumption. Many police cars spend a lot of their time idling, which could be done off of the electric battery instead of the gasoline engine.

Ford’s hybrids have been on the road since 2003, where the Escape Hybrid became the company’s first. According to Fields, some of those vehicles are still on the road serving as taxis with over 350,000 miles on the clock. That tells us that the system is more than capable of handling the reliability concerns that law enforcement might have.

It’s a smart move that makes a lot of sense to us. Plus, it’ll save the taxpayers money. Seems like the proverbial “win/win” to us.

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