U.S. could sue Fiat Chrysler over EcoDiesel emissions issues


Before the change of administration back in January, the Environmental Protection Agency served Fiat Chrysler Automobiles notice that their EcoDiesel engines were in violation of the Clean Air Act. Since the change of power in Washington, we hadn’t really heard any major update on the matter. It turns out that the government might be ready to take FCA to court.

According to a report in Automotive News, the FCA lawsuit could happen as early as this week if the company can’t resolve its differences with the government over the EcoDiesel emissions. The lawsuit itself alleges that the company used illegal defeat software, similar to what Volkswagen used in their dirty diesels, to meet regulatory requirements without having to sacrifice diesel performance.

While it’s unclear how this will all sort out at this point, 2017 models of FCA products with the EcoDiesel engine still aren’t for sale while the investigation is ongoing. Considering we like the EcoDiesel-equipped vehicles, we hope that this gets resolved shortly, and if a fix is required, the fix comes quickly.

We’ll let you know as the story develops.

Chad Kirchner
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