Volkswagen Eos Review

Although the Volkswagen EOS has reached the end of life, it’s still a great car to try to snatch up before they’re all sold out. Designed to be a coupe and a convertible, the Eos is a great all-season car that adds some extra excitement when the weather gets nice.

The Eos is built on top of the Golf platform, and is normally a regular two-door coupe. The party piece is a ridiculously complicated folding metal roof that folds away to make a little 4-seat convertible.

Powering the Eos is Volkswagen famous 2.0L gasoline turbo engine, meaning it’s pretty sporty to drive. The extra weight of the convertible top does hinder performance a bit, but you’ll have plenty of power for all the types of driving you’ll do.

Since it’s even built on top of the Golf, it’s a great handling little car that can carve up a corner or canyon road as easily as it can take you back and forth to work.

The convertible roof does take up a considerable amount of trunk space when it’s down, so if you have luggage back there or need the full space of the trunk, you’ll want to make sure the roof is up.

If the roof is up and you still want some extra sunshine in, the convertible top has a sunroof mode that moves the panel right above the driver’s head and acts like a sunroof, while still retaining all of the truck space.

A quick-shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission handles the gear changing. It’s only available in front-wheel drive, but can easily handle winter (especially with snow tires installed).

I’m sad to see the Volkswagen Eos going away, because I think it’s a great little car with tons of personality. It’s one I’d really enjoy adding to my garage for my everyday car.


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