Volvo officially reveals new XC40 in Milan

New Volvo XC40 – exterior

It started with the all-new XC90, and then was followed by the S90 and V90. Then the XC60 came along. As the newest and greatest Volvos are slowly brought to market, we knew for awhile the next to make an appearance would be the XC40. It leaked early, but now we can officially share with you all the details about the new luxury crossover and the unique sales model that comes with it.

The XC40, as the number suggests, is smaller than the XC60. It carries a more youthful appearance that reminds us a bit of LYNK & CO’s offerings. That’s a trend you’ll continue to notice. It’s powered by 4-cylinder engine making 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired to either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive via an 8-speed automatic transmission.

As you’d expect, the XC40 carries Volvo’s line of safety features, including available Pilot Assist and City Safe. The Thor’s Hammer headlights are adaptive with the right package, and all crash innovations found in other Volvos are present.

The vehicle looks great and distinctly looks like a Volvo. The online configurator is already up if you want to price out one.

Because it’s designed to be more cost conscious than the larger stablemates, there are a few features missing from the XC40. It does not appear that the full-color HUD is available, which we happen to like on other Volvos. But more importantly, the premium stereo offered on the XC40 is a Harman Kardon unit, and not the amazing Bowers & Wilkins you could order on the other cars.

While Bowers & Wilkins is, in fact, a Harman brand, it’s doubtful it’ll sound as good.

For the XC40, Volvo is offering a unique leasing model. Each month the owner makes one single payment that covers the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and maintenance. Every 24 months they get a new car, and they can get a free loaner from Volvo if they need to.

Does that sound nearly identical to what LYNK & CO announced last year? Yes. Both companies are owned by Geely and it’s likely easier to introduce that new concept in North America with an already established brand.

Finally there is a car sharing app built in, meaning you can loan your car to your friends by using an app on your phone. It’s something that LYNK & CO already talked about doing, and is something that we wouldn’t be surprised to see more OEMs doing, especially since physical keys are less and less important these days.

The XC40 will go on sale next year as a 2019 model, and you can reach out to your local dealership now about placing an order.

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