Volvo Partners with Tablet Hotels for Scandinavian Get Away Lodge

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How would you like to spend some time in Sweden, in a lodge all to yourself, with a beautiful new Volvo V90 Cross Country outside that you can take anywhere you want to go? For a brief time, you can do that. Volvo partnered with Tablet Hotels for the ultimate Scandinavian Sanctuary retreat.

Volvo just launched both the V90 wagon and V90 Cross Country, based on the luxurious S90 sedan, and they’re looking for an opportunity to promote the new vehicle in a unique way. Work-life balance is something we all strive to be better at, and a weekend away at a secluded lodge seems like just the ticket.

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The lodge was recently renovated, and the entire lodge comes with the rental fee. Additionally, a Cross Country awaits you outside to go into the buzzing winter village of Åre. Once you get to the lodge — the car can be dropped off at the airport for your arrival — you have access to tons of luxurious amenities;

Once you’re in the lodge, you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities for a mindful experience, including a yoga and contemplation room, fully equipped with yoga mats, incense burners, candles and relaxing views of the surroundings. The lodge also contains a lounge with a large fireplace, exclusive furniture by Röshults, and a selection of books by Zen philosopher Alan Watts, a bedroom equipped with a super-luxurious bed with adjustable firmness by YouBed, a study room, two large bathrooms, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen with a fireplace, a wireless Bower & Wilkins high performance audio system, and a breathtaking view over Åreskutan, the mountain that dominates the local landscape. Complimentary snacks include local, biodynamically produced charcuterie by Undersåker Charkuteri, a subsidiary of the famous Fäviken Magasinet Restaurant, as well as non-alcoholic beers. The outside patio is fully furnished and has a Röshult outdoor kitchen.

You can find all the details here. All we have to say is, “Sign us up!”

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