Volvo’s iPhone-like buying process leaves us with a few questions

New Volvo XC40 – exterior

Earlier this week in Milan, Volvo debuted the 2019 XC40 to the world. It’s the company’s compact luxury crossover, and has some serious looks and safety technology onboard. Though, that wasn’t the most interesting thing about the announcement. The most interesting thing about the announcement was Care by Volvo.

Volvo describes the process in a similar fashion to the way we purchase cell phones. Today is launch day for the iPhone 8, so a horde of people are currently going through that very process.

The idea behind Care by Volvo is that you pay one monthly fee, and you get a lease of the car, the insurance, the maintenance, and even the ability to borrow other Volvos if you need to, built into that cost. Every 12 months in the United States (24 months in Europe) you get a new Volvo. That’s actually more frequent than most people get a new cell phone.

On paper this sounds like an incredible program. It’s like the LYNK & CO program that was announced last year, and the car sharing portion sounds a bit like Book by Cadillac that’s available in select markets. However, this is much more exhaustive than that.

It does leave us with a few questions, and those questions might be the make or break for the program itself. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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