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We’ve launched a new version of the site; here’s what you need to know

Raptor Truck Day Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, OH USA Thursday 20 July 2017 World Copyright: Russell LaBounty NKP

Welcome, everyone, to the next version of the Future Motoring website. This new version is designed with you in mind, including better support for mobile platforms and easier ways to find the content that you want.

While the site is officially public, we’re going to keep the Beta designation on it for a little while. If you find any bugs, be sure to check out our submission form and let us know!

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate it that you’re here, and we hope you enjoy the new Future Motoring site!

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Written by Chad Kirchner

In addition to Chad Kirchner's work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.

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