Who will win the battle for non-pickup truck supremacy?

2017 Honda CR-V

So for this year there has been an epic battle waging in automotive dealerships across the country. In one corner is the recently-refreshed Nissan Rogue. In the other corner is the all-new Honda CR-V. Both are selling well, but who will ultimately win?

Last month goes to Honda, but looking at month-to- month sales doesn’t show how close this battle really is. The year-to-date numbers are much more telling. Nissan moved 128,807 Rogues as of the end of April, 2017. Their Japanese rivals, Honda, sold 126,728 CR-Vs in the same period. That’s a difference of just 2,079 vehicles. That’s an incredibly small percentage of total car sales, and nearly a dead heat.

These two vehicles sitting at the top of sales charts proves what we’ve all known for awhile; crossovers are king. People are buying fewer and fewer sedans in favor of their higher-riding cousins. This is for a lot of different reasons, depending on the expert you ask, but mostly amounts to the increased ride height and perceived sense of safety being in a larger vehicle.

Neither one of these vehicles will unseat the pickup trucks at the top of the list. Well never say never, but it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll see a crossover at the top. For starters, manufacturers like Ford and General Motors lump their half-ton truck sales in with their 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks. For example, I can tell you how many Ford F-Series trucks were sold last month, but I can’t tell you how many of them were F-250 Super Duty trucks.

Many people pay attention to the pickup truck slug fest, but this battle between the Rogue and CR-V is truly one for the ages. Both vehicles are new and unlikely to see any changes for the rest of the year, so there’s nothing that people would be waiting for in regards to a new or updated model. The only thing the CR-V doesn’t currently offer is a hybrid version, though they just debuted one at the Shanghai Motor Show that might make it to our shores before the end of the year.

This will be an interesting fight, and we’re as curious as the rest as to who will take home the yearly sales crown for 2017. Who do you think it’ll be?

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