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Is the widebody Chrysler 300 SRT spotted actually a Charger Demon mule?

Our friends over at Jalopnikwhich you’ll have to click through over there to see the photos — shared recently several spy photographs of a Chrysler 300 SRT wearing a widebody kit and Dodge Demon wheels. Are they preparing an epic Chrysler 300 SRT, or could it be something else?

The Chrysler 300 SRT isn’t currently for sale in the United States. To get in on the 6.4L HEMI V8 action, you have to travel to a country like Australia — and drive on the wrong side of the road. So what could this be?

Well, there’s always the chance it’s a widebody SRT with the 6.4L, as it’s badged. The wider tires would allow for better track performance. It could also be a Hellcat-powered 300, because the 300 is basically the Charger.

But what if it was something more insidious? What if it’s a Charger Demon hiding in basic plain sight? Shortly after the Hellcat Challenger debut, Dodge quickly offered up the Hellcat powerplant in the Charger. If they were to follow suit — and we think they might — with the Demon, the Charger is the next logical choice.

Why not test it out in a badass-looking Chrysler 300 in the meantime?

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