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Will There Be a Dodge Charger SRT Demon?

Last updated: April 13, 2017 9:37 pm EDT [divider style=”normal” top=”10″ bottom=”10″]

We know that during the New York International Auto Show this year, Dodge is going to show us and the world a bonkers Challenger Demon. Based on the Challenger SRT, the Demon gets a load more power — maybe even more than a Hellcat — and bettering traction off the line thanks to a widebody and stickier tires.

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The Charger and the Challenger share many of the same components, considering they share a platform. These cars were announced in the past in pairs — a Challenger then a Charger a few months later — so is it likely that we’ll see an even more badass Charger before the end of the year?


The SRT Hellcat models are already low-volume vehicles. Yes, they’re selling well, but there is extra cost in offering those vehicles over the SRT 392. The Demon would be more expensive.

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Developing a widebody kit, tougher components, and bespoke components make the vehicle more expensive. There might be only enough money in the budget, based on anticipated returns, to make a Challenger version.

Regardless, we won’t really know until we see a prototype on the street, or until Dodge launches the Challenger version and starts teasing something else. Until then, we just have speculation and conjecture.

What do you think?

Update March 27th: As of now, we haven’t heard anything about a Charger Demon, but we still aren’t ruling it out. With the hype around the Challenger it might be a smart business decision. Also remember that the current Charger Hellcat is faster than the Challenger Hellcat because it has better aerodynamics. 

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